If there's one K-beauty product most skincare enthusiasts are familiar with, it's the sheet mask. They provide the instant gratification we all want from skincare. Over-exfoliated? Pop on a sheet mask! Sunburned or haven't slept? Try a sheet mask. Spa night with the girls? Sheet masks for all! But how do you make the most of that little sachet of goodness? Read on for some tips to take your sheetmasking to the next level.

Make sure you start with a clean face

While this pointer seems obvious, it's still worth mentioning! Before starting your masking sesh, double cleanse to make sure all makeup, sunscreen, dirt and grime from the day have been removed from your face. Bonus points if you really want to make it into a facial night and exfoliate too. This will help all that lovely hydration absorb faster, and result in super soft, plump skin.

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Put it in the fridge

... or run the (unopened) sheet mask package under warm water. Changing up the temperature can super-charge your sheet mask. Plenty of studies have indicated that cooling down your face aids in diminishing inflammation and puffiness, and has anti-aging benefits. This is one of my favourite things to do in the summer heat - nothing is more refreshing than some iced tea (or wine...) and a cooling sheet mask during a heat wave. On the flip side, one of my friends hates to sheet mask in winter due to how cold the mask can be, so a solution for that is warming it a little by running it under some warm water while still in the sealed package. Masking bliss!

Don't waste a drop of that skin-boosting essence

Most sheet masks have around 30mls of essence in the package, which is the same amount as a standard size serum. You can make the most of this leftover goodness by massaging it into your neck, décolletage, hands and arms, all areas that age just as fast as the facial skin but don't get nearly as much skincare love! Massaging these areas can also improve circulation, help with fluid retention, and is a wonderful way to de-stress and relax after a busy day. You can also extend the wear time of your sheet mask by lifting it and adding the extra essence while still masking, or massaging it into your face once you've removed the sheet mask.


Shower with your sheet mask on

This not only helps shorten your routine at the end of the day if you're eager to get to bed or binge your favourite netflix series, but the steam from the shower will also help you get maximum absorption of all that hydrating goodness from the sheet mask. This works well in the sauna too. Glowing, plump skin is guaranteed!

Sheet mask after your serums and oils

Many people tend to use a sheet mask straight after cleansing or exfoliating skin, and follow up with serum and moisturiser afterwards. While this does work well, the alternative is to use a sheet mask after serums and ampoules. It is easier for all that goodness to absorb on damp skin (think of a slightly damp sponge and how much more easily it absorbs water than a bone dry sponge) so your result will be hydrated, healthy, glowing skin. Another option, if you have very dry skin, is to apply a pure plant oil such as rosehip or argan prior to your sheet mask for next level glow! If you do have dry skin, remember to seal it all in with moisturiser or a sleeping pack once you've removed the sheet mask.

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Prep skin before a night out with your favorite sheet mask

One of my favourite ways to ensure flawless makeup application is to use a sheet mask for 15 minutes before I apply makeup. Your base products will go on so much more smoothly if their canvas is hydrated and plump, and will last longer too.

First step towards a better skin, masking. 😎

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Have you tried any of these sheet mask hacks before? If you do try them, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Tamsin signature Glow Theory


May 28, 2020

I received my first order yesterday and although it took a bit longer to arrive due to the backlog, I was kept informed with email so I just had to be patient. Well worth the wait because it looked like a gift in the pretty pink package and filled with goodies! Thank you for the service-from easy online order to the friendly delivery guy who delivered in the dark and cold.
Keep well, keep safe! :)

Jul 23, 2019

Thanks so much for your super speedy service and a beautifully presented box with lovely samples. The Dr Jart Ceramidin cream is a lifesaver for my super sensitive skin – wish I had discovered it earlier. Your team are the best xx

Adele Elzinga
Mar 17, 2019

A form of meditation. Once a week I do a moisturizing sheet mask and force myself to just lie down and gently massage in the goodness. Personally I like to follow this up with a sleep mask or 7skin the next morning. And after a night out, I also do the eye sheet mask – amazing results.
Thank you so much for the additional info

Nov 14, 2018

Just ordered my first lot of K beauty goodies! Cannot wait for them to arrive!!

Jun 28, 2018

Hi Jo! You can use a sheet mask for 20 – 40 minutes, depending on how long it stays moist for. Don’t let it get completely dry on your skin though as it can then draw moisture from the skin.

Happy masking!

Tamsin xo

Tamsin Glow Theory
Jun 28, 2018

Hi, just got my package can’t wait to try my goodies, but how long should I leave the sheet mask on for?

Jo Page

Jo Page
Apr 04, 2018

We just received our pretty pink envelopes, with LOTS of samples as promised. Thank you so much, Milla and I can’t wait to mask up!

Feb 08, 2018

I also don’t like how ice cold sheet masks can be sometimes, and I have popped them in some hot water before using, and it feels so lovely and relaxing. But love a cool sheet mask after a 5km in the blazing sun!

Feb 08, 2018

I would just like to say a very big thank you for my order received yesterday, super fast service and I a super happy that there is an online K beauty store absolutely love it and I look forward to purchasing more soon

Feb 06, 2018

Some really useful tips! I tried the sheetmask in the fridge this week because it’s been so hot and it was amazing! I’m so happy to have a K-beauty store in South Africa now (if only it was even closer to me in CT!)


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