Hey Glow Getters!

We wanted to thank you for all the support, love, and patience you've shown us during this very difficult time for South Africa and the international community. The number one question we're currently getting is regarding restocking dates (we're so glad you love the products!) and we wanted to address it in one place so that you'd have all the info you need.

When will products be restocked?

One of the effects of the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world is that the majority of airlines have stopped operating entirely, and those who are still operational are doing so in a very limited capacity. This means that the movement of cargo between countries is impacted. We of course import all our stock from South Korea, so once we have placed an order with a brand and the stock is ready, we need to then find cargo space to get it here. This is incredibly difficult at this time, with long wait times and several delays. Once the stock has arrived in South Africa, it is then subject to customs clearance delays due to the backlog they're currently dealing with. Due to this, it makes it very difficult to predict when restocks will happen. We do have stock on the way though, and estimate it will arrive in about 10 days to two weeks, depending on customs clearance. 

We are doing everything in our power to get items here as fast as we can, promise.

How will I know when the product I want has been restocked?

We have a back in stock notification system that will send you an email as soon as your favourite product is available. All you need to do is head to the product page, and click the pink tab on the right of the page that reads "email me when back in stock". This does not sign you up for any email lists, and you will only receive an email to alert you once the product has been restocked - no spam, promise!

Why have your prices increased?

We've had to adjust prices due to the substantial weakening of the Rand in the last few months. Many of our prices have not been adjusted since we launched in 2017, but with the rapid drop from around R14.50 / R15 to the USD to R19 to the USD, it's unfortunately become necessary in order to pay our staff and keep things running. Brands all provide us with their Recommended Retail Price for each product (which tends to be in USD), and with the change in the value of the Rand, we had fallen well below those prices that we agreed to when first launching the brands. Air freight prices have also doubled, but we are hopeful that these will eventually normalise and therefore have not factored this expense into the current prices. 

Thanks so much for your patience. Stay safe!

xo, Tamsin